Formal Wedding Ceremony 350.00


Our goal at Your Wedded Bliss is to help provide couples with professional, affordable Officiant services, sharing our expertise so they can plan a beautiful, yet affordable wedding. The process starts with a FREE consultation to get a clear understanding of what type of ceremony is desired. We then create a custom ceremony. There is never any additional fee for ceremony enhancements such as Communion, Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Marriage Box, Rose Ceremony, Tree Planting. We pride ourselves on making every ceremony as unique as possible. We orchestrate the rehearsal to ensure everyone is clear on what to do on that day, and they’re comfortable with their role in the ceremony; this is particularly important if there are children involved in the ceremony. Last, but not least, we’re there to perform the wedding ceremony in your choice of attire. 

Vow Renewal 300.00

Your love is as strong as the day you first spoke your vows. A vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful way to mark a significant milestone anniversary or recommit your love for each other. 

Elopement Package 250.00

When it's just the two of you, no rehearsal required, we can put together a beautiful ceremony to exchange your vows at the location of your choice.

Baptism 200.00

Baptism traditions vary according to faith.  We do both church and home baptisms. Another option is a baby naming or baby dedication ceremony.  It's an opportunity for family and friends to welcome the child into the world with love. 

Celebration of Life 200.00

Rev. Bliss will write a poignant eulogy, showing the utmost care and concern.  It's a time to pay tribute to your loved one and depict a life well lived.